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Therapy house

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The basic idea is to make from this place a unique residential treatment facility. A kind of ?oasis? oriented mainly to treating people with addiction problems (drugs,alcohol,benzo`s,anti-depressants?) and all kinds of psychological-emotional difficulties ranging from anxiety, depression to suicidal thoughts.
Its policy would be to minimize the use of chemical medications, to use alternatively a wider range of specific dietary supplements helpful in stabilizating the brain biochemistry, to use effective psychotherapeutic techniques with strong focus on the targeting of the best approach for the concrete individual, to maintain a loving environment and easygoing atmosphere in the facility.
Ideally, the facility would be run as a not-for- profit enterprise, where the income that would exceed the costs would be reinvested in the project in order to help as many people as possible and also avoid possible negative pressures to limit the range and intensity of the treatments. Of course, we have to be realistic and be open also to the for- profit option. It`s all a matter of agreement.


The complex is a former corporate recreational facility located in an isolated place in a beautiful countryside with woods and hills. There`s a river just 100 metres away.It can be reached by car in about a couple of hours from Prague`s International Airport (Praha-Ruzyne) heading south.
It contains the main building (cca 1500 m2 on three floors), eight bungalows (cca 300 m2), three garages and a swimming pool (none of it is functional at the moment and needs some investments).The total area of the land is cca 14 000 m2 with the option of buying an additional 6000 m2. (Can be bought in a later stage?)
The complex on 1,4 hectars of land would cost EUR 145 000,- and on 2 hectars of land would cost EUR 180 000,-.
The initial costs for the renovation of the place will be in the range of EUR 150-200 000,-. With the term initial costs are meant such investment costs that would enable the start of the activity.


Excellent price is one reason. The price is so low because there`s not much interest currently on the local real estate market for buildings of this size in isolated places and it`s been left without custody for a year and a half - as a result of that all the interiors had been taken away by vandals. Apart from that the building itself, including the roof, are in good shape. Even with this inconvenient, if we take into account that half of the price costs just the land, 1 m2 of the main building comes to cost just EUR 50,- ! (without counting the bungalows, garages etc?) Still the overall costs in the Czech Republic are lower than in West Europe ? energies, food and especially wages. To run a similar facility in West European countries would be more expensive without gaining any extra quality.


We are looking mainly for sponsors that would help the Stiftelsen Iboga (a swedesh foundation) buy, renovate and run this facility, either in the form of donation or loan. As time is running and the complex could be sold to others, we would discuss a possible cooperation also with investors that would take it as a business. In this case it would not be bought through the Stiftelsen but a company ?ad hoc? would most likely be created for the purpose. In any case the complex itself can be put as a garantee.


For further enquires please contact me :

Patrick Venulejo
Cell: +420 724 118371 (also SMS)