What is ibogaine?

Ibogaine is an alkaloid found mainly in the rootbark of the African plant Tabernanthe Iboga. It is often referred to as an addiction interrupter.  Addiction is a complex thing, composed of different factors, some of which of course are out of ibogaine’s reach.  It would be more correct to understand ibogaine as a craving and withdrawal interrupter.

In other words, an alternative iboga detox is fundamentally different from a standard detox: when you get out of a standard detox, you still crave drugs. When you go through the iboga one, you can be craving-free afterwards and, possibly, psychologically more open. More open for change. It puts you in POLE POSITION for the race to eventually become addiction free.

But one can easily screw up the race even from the lead position…

I don`t want to encourage anybody to take psychotropic substances without experienced assistance. Nevertheless, alternative iboga detox is an expensive treatment, both in medical and non-medical environments. Many people will want such a treatment or need it and not have the money for experienced assistance. They will go for it anyway. That is why I have prepared this website.

So now few facts:


Forms of Ibogaine

  • One is the root or rootbark powder which contains everything that the root contains. The percentage of Ibogaine doesn’t usually exceed 3%.
  • The second form is the Total Extract. This extract contains all the alkaloids that the given root contains – from Ibogaine to Ibogaline, Ibogamine and so on.
  • The third form is Ibogaine Hydrochloride. It’s a roughly 98% pure Ibogaine extract.

The dosages obviously differ for each type. You can learn about dosages in the Tutorial.


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